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radiation at a frequency (900 MHz) and modulations (GSM and CDMA) used by
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studies in b6c3f1/n mice exposed to whole-body radio frequency radiation at a frequency (1,900 MHz) and mod􏰆la􏰂ion􏰀 (GSM and CDMA) 􏰆􏰀ed b􏰄 cell phone􏰀􏰁, National Toxicology Program, Report, xxxx2018.
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re􏰀pon􏰀e􏰀? Indica􏰂ion􏰀 from a q􏰆ali􏰂a􏰂i􏰇e 􏰀􏰂􏰆d􏰄􏰁, Bioelectromagnetics, Bd. 37, Nr.
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